Wage And Hour Class Actions

We often represent employees in class actions involving unpaid wage or overtime allegations.  Such claims are often too small on an individual basis to warrant a lawsuit, but when joined together as a class action can be worthwhile and powerful.  Our class actions have included claims concerning:

  • Employers' failure to pay overtime compensation due to misclassification of employees as exempt.
  • Employers' failure to pay regular or overtime compensation due to failure to include all of employees' compensable working time in wage calculations.
  • Employers' failure to properly pay tipped workers under Iowa and federal minimum wage laws.

Our wage and overtime class actions frequently involve management-level employees who have been misclassified as exempt executive or administrative employees and are not receiving overtime when they exceed forty hours of work in given week.  For tipped workers, we have developed a specialty in representing tipped employees, particularly restaurant workers, who are always paid tipped minimum wage even when they're engaged in nontipped duties in violation of Iowa and federal minimum wage law.

If, after reviewing this information, you'd like to speak with us about a wage or overtime class action, please reach out to us through the Web Contact Form by using the "Contact Us" button or by calling (515) 281-1460.  We make every effort to provide a same-day response to all communications received during weekday business hours.

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