Erbe Law Firm Files Suit Against City Of Des Moines On Behalf Of Falsely Accused Man

Published May 24, 2012 17:54

Erbe Law Firm has sued the City of Des Moines on behalf of Stuart Wessels, who was falsely accused, charged, and investigated over the November 6, 2011 beating of well-known Des Moines runner Forey Jacobson. Despite available evidence that Mr. Wessels was not the attacker, the Des Moines Police Department persisted in its investigation of him for nearly three months until the Polk County Attorney's Office admitted that the wrong person had been arrested and dismissed all charges against Mr. Wessels. Erbe Law Firm's suit alleges that the Des Moines Police Department violated Mr. Wessel's constitutional rights to due process by pursuing charges and an investigation against him in the face of considerable proof that Mr. Wessels was innocent.

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